World's First Flying Car - Pal - V

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Since the first flying car which can be owned individually is about to be rolled out, lets see it's features and how it will be able to fly.

PAL - Liberty Executive

The Dutch company PAL - V is launching the flying car which will be available commercially, the name of the company PAL - V means Personal Air And Land Vehicle.

The first vehicle they are launching is PAL - V Liberty executive edition, it will be a two seater car which is able to run on road as well as fly.

It will be a three wheel machine with foldable rotor blades on roof. It will be powered with two engines, each for flying and drive mode.

To change the mode of vehicle from driving to flying it and vice-versa it may take about 10 minutes.

Dashboard and interior

The maximum driving speed of this vehicle is 160 Kilometers per hour and can achieve 0-100 kmph in 9 seconds.

The maximum flying speed of Liberty Executive is 180 kilometer per hour with a flight range of 500 km's. The maximum takeoff weight is 910 kg and the weight of the car is 664 kg's. The vehicle will be operated on Gasoline, the fuel tank capacity of this car is 100 Liters.

Flight Mode

It will fly in gyroplane's flight principle. To fly the car the take roll will be of 180 meters and take off distance 330m. The rotor will start automatically when the mode will be changed to flying.

If you want to own this vehicle you need driver's as well as private plane license. Only 90 units os Liberty Executive edition will be produced initially.


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