Praivaig Extinction MK1 - Brilliant Indian Electric car.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

When we think of electric cars, the first thing which hits our mind is Tesla. Although the Indian EV line up by Tata and Mahindra is soaring exponentially. But soon Praivaig with a completely different futuristic design will be ready to roll on Indian roads in couple of months.

Praivaig a Bengaluru based Indian startup revealed it's first electric car, Praivaig Extinction MK1, which looks something like a vehicle from coupe category. Talking of design the design of this machine is simple yet eye catching. It comes with LED head lamps a LED bar which connects both the end of the car at front and back.

The specifications of the car includes,

  • 160 Degree reclinable seats

  • Electric Sunroof

  • Ambient lighting

  • Adjustable seats

  • Touchscreen informant system

  • Inbuilt audio system

As per the company's website the vehicle will be able to cover a distance of 504 Km as it is powered with a 96 kWh battery with a fast charger can be charged up to 80% in 30 minutes.

The power output of the vehicle is 150 kW, this car can achieve a top speed of 196 kmph. The torque of Praivaig Extinction MK1 at the wheels is 2400 N-m and it can go from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in 5.4 seconds.

This vehicle will be sold in Bengaluru and in Delhi initially. The price and launch date is yet to be revealed.

What do you think about this car, share your views in comments.

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