Overview to Some Popular Design Software used in Mechanical Industries.

There are many software's which are used by industries, training institute and colleges for design and educational purposes some of the popular and useful design software used for 2D and 3D modeling used are,

1. AutoCAD.

It is one of the product by Autodesk, the first version of autoCAD was launched in 1982, now mobile and web apps of the software are also available. AutoCAD is mainly used for 2D drafting. It is used in Architecture, Construction and manufacturing industries for desigining purposes. It is also used for 3D modeling mainly in architectural industries.

fig. AutoCAD 2018 UI

2. Fusion 360.

Again it is a product of Autodesk. It is a cloud based software, users can work as a team from different places on any project by using this platform. You can perform 3D modeling, solid modeling, mesh modeling and parametric modeling with it.

fig. Fusion 360

3. SolidWorks.

It is a product of Dassault Systemes used for 3D modeling. It is complete package if you want to design any part, component or your innovation. It's user interface is very simple. For learning purpose it is a good software. It is used in many manufacturing companies.

fig. SolidWorks.


It is another design software by Dassault Systemes. It'smain objective is to create a good design platform for aerospace projects. It is also helpful for complex and detailed design. With this cool design platform, as a engineer you can work on project in mechanical feild.

fig. CATIA

5. Solid Edge.

It is developed by Simens PLM. By Solid Edge you can make complex design easily due bto its awesome 2D orthographic view functionality. It provides engineering simulation capability to users.

fig. Design on Solid Edge.

6. NX.

It is also a program by Simens PLM, ypu can design your concept, simulate it and also it gives manufacturing assistance. It is a high end software used to solve CAD/CAM/CAE problems.

fig. design in NX.

7. ProE(PTC Creo/ Creo Parametric).

It is a program developed by Parametric Technology Corporation. It provides parts designing, assembly modeling, FEA(finite elements analysis), NURBS surface modeling. It is good software for rapid prototyping of mechanical design.

fig. ProE design.

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