Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging is a technology based on spectroscopy it is also represented by HSI. In hyperspectral imaging, images are analyzed by scattering in multiple wavelengths. In this technology, multiple images are taken for the same spatial area for different wavelengths and then the analysis is done based on collected images.

Generally in optical imaging, only three colors are analyzed red, blue, and green. In hyperspectral imaging, analysis is done on a wide spectrum of light. A single light is split into 10-100 parts in HSI.

Hyperspectral imaging of a plant.


HSI is a military-based technology initially used to identify hidden targets. Later, understanding the usefulness of this technology, it was implemented in other areas as well like life sciences.

Comparing hyperspectral imaging with Multispectral imaging(MSI), MSI only provides discredited and discontinues portions of the spectral range while HSI creates a continuous spectral band graph.

How is it done?

The pieces of equipment required in hyperspectral imaging include imaging optics, a narrow slit, diffraction grating, and a 2-dimensional focal plane array detector.

Image is projected on diffraction grating through the slit due to which light splits into discrete wavelengths. Separated wavelengths, then projected to the focal plane array.

At each X-Y coordinate a pixel is energized and on the basis of the energy label of that pixel, a cube is generated which represents the data of the image taken using hyperspectral imaging technology.


Hyperspectral imaging is a technology with very wide applicability due to its accuracy. The major areas on which it is being used are-

  1. Remote sensing.

  2. Environment monitoring.

  3. Surgery.

  4. Agriculture.

  5. In the food processing industry.

In agriculture, HSI is used to check the seeds, crops, and land by analyzing the images. With help of HSI, good and bad seeds can be separated easily, also the images of the crop help in understanding if they are in good health.

HSI is also applied in dermatology for cancer detection and skin oxygenation.

It can also be used for the automated detection of diseases at higher accuracy.

Image reference: www.sciencedirect.com

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