Engineering Design

Engineering is a very big domain which contains number of sub domains and everything which is engineered needs a design, design for its execution. we are going to discuss some basic and important type of design used in engineering, these are

Fig.: Types of Engineering Design

1. Mechanical Engineering design.

When we hear the word mechanical, automatically we start thinking of various machines and automobiles and it is obvious, all the mechanical component needs a physical shape and for that we need a design, a proper design which allows all the functioning of that machine without any problem, mechanical engineering design includes designing of robots, drones, automobiles, heating and cooling systems, fluid flow system and many more.

2. Civil Engineering designs.

They are the building blocks of any nation or city, all the infrastructures we see are magic of civil engineering, the various designs of buildings, roads, dams, bridge's are inclusive of civil engineering design, the highest railway bridge, the tallest building, the highest statue are the marvels of civil engineering designs and work.

3. Design in Petroleum Engineering.

If require a lot of skill and knowledge, so that any kind of disaster can be avoided, to maintain the supply of fluids at optimum cost and at required necessary factors (temperature, pressure, turbulence), it includes design of pipeline system (transportation), storage units, oil mining equipment's and refinery components.

4. Design in Electrical Engineering.

While traveling you see the electric wires accompanying you is one of the example of this field. Wiring, power of generators or rating of any electrical machine(like transformer) type of wire used for definite power supply to minimize the losses are done with design and analysis of electrical components.

5. Design in Electronics Engineering.

Have you ever seen the motherboard of a PC or laptop? Everyone must have seen some green or blue plate in some toy with silver, golden or white linings on it, yes that that is design  of electronic component, connecting IC's, supplying power to other components on the board, signal generating and receiving devices came under this section.

6. Aerospace Designing.

All the space objects, aircraft's we see are the hard work of aerospace engineers. The international space station, satellites, rockets, aircraft's, spacecrafts are example of this area. It is one of the domain which need the best of you, it requires hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm. Factor to be kept while designing such components are weight, storage of fuel, space for passenger in spacecraft and airplane, design should be simple enough so that maintenance can be done even in space.

7. Design of UI.

We all use mobile phones and computers, even you are reading it on a screen, the screen is interacting with you the icons are arranged and it is because of UI design. UI stands for user interface. All the software applications we use has a interface which help us to perform various tasks, it is design of interface due to which we can interact with software based systems.

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