Audi e-tron - Fully electric SUV by Audi

As e - mobility is next biggest thing and every automotive company as well as startups are working on innovations to solve the problems related to electric vehicles, Audi announced its e-tron - the first fully electric vehicle by them.

Audi e-tron electric

When looking at the specifications of electric vehicle, the main point is to look at is it's charging capacity and range.

Audi e-trons comes with 150 kW DC charging module which means it can be charge with speed of upto 150 kW at public high speed charging stations.

On charging for 10 minutes at fastest charging speed the vehicle can go 54 miles which is approximately 87 kilometres.

The range of this machine is 204 miles, upon charging the battery to the full capacity you can drive it for a longer distance, it comes with regenerative braking, which means the vehicle will charge itself while decelerating. The battery of the vehicle comes with a warranty of 8 years or 100,000 KM.


Talking of performance, it can go to 6 mph from 0 in 5.5 seconds, the vehicle can produce a power of 402 horsepower equivalent to 300 kW.

The vehicle can carry a load of upto 4000 lbs (1814.369 kg) towed to it. When it comes to suspension, it comes with air suspension.

Liquid cooling system is provided in this vehicle to cool each of the e-tron motor for smooth functioning.

Audi e-tron comes with integrated amazon's assistant Alexa, the informant system in the car displays information's like navigation, ride dynamics and entertainment.

As automobile industry is innovating by keeping ACES(Autonomous, connected, electric and Shared) in mind, this vehicle has myAudi connectivity app to personalize each journey. This app helps locking and unlocking the vehicle remotely, you can get vehicle updates on your mobile app and locate the vehicle if it is parked at some crowded place.

Tesla started and proved that electric vehicle can be a general vehicle and now everyone is in this race.

This race is good because it is helping in innovation and development of new technologies which are safer and eco friendly

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