Additive Manufacturing

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Everything is changing at very fast in today's world, innovation is happening in every field, just to be a step ahead and to increase efficiency of processes.

To make processes fast we are reducing human work by taking more work from machine and it is done by digitizing the techniques. By digitizing it means that involving computer programs to work, by taking help of sensors and actuators. Use of robotics in manufacturing industries is a easy example.

Digitization of  manufacturing processes is done already. CAM(computer added manufacturing) is a process used by manufacturing industries from a long time. IN CAM processes certain code is uploaded in CNC or NC machines and they follow the instructions of the code to make parts from material.

Still we had a problem, that is of material wastage, to manufacture or to make a part many machining operation are done on the part, like milling, cutting, surface finishing, carving, shaping etc.

The concept of additive manufacturing is to manufacture with zero wastage of material, also it is done layer  by layer, that is why known as additive manufacturing. 

In AM required design is made on a design software and then is changed in format which is understandable by machine then is uploaded to the machine to get required part, also program can be uploaded according to design for manufacturing.

How it Works

It is done with a device everyone is aware of i.e., 3D printer, it has a heated nozzle which pours the molten or semi molten material it can move in horizontal directions, a bed which can move vertically so that layer by layer material can be added to the part to be manufactured. The motion of all the components for specific axis is controlled by stepper motors.

Molten or partially molten material of required elements is supplied to the nozzle which further pour it on a platform on which manufacturing is to be done.

Materials used in Additive Manufacturing

1. Metals

2. Plastics (Thermoplastics)

3. Ceramics.

4. Biochemicals


1. Automotive: Many automotive parts can be made using AM, like the part which are made up of fiber and by application of AM it will reduce failure of part and wastage. Some automotive companies are already working on it.

2.  Aerospace: The basic thing which is at highest priority in aerospace is light weight with more strength and by AM it can be easily achieved.

3. Healthcare: Many things like tooth can be perfectly and can be easily manufactured with AM.


It can produce light material with more strength, more complex design can be produced with help of computer program or by designing the part on software, wastage of material can be eliminated.

Design Software with Option of Additive Manufacturing Format;

1. SketchUp Make.

2. FreeCAD.

3. 123D Design 

4. Blender design

5. NX

6. SolidWorks

7. AutoCAD

8. 3Ds max

There are many other software's which have 3D printing format. 

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